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Why Invest in Ethiopia?

  • Ethiopia is the oldest independent country in Africa, and is among the most stable countries in the region. The 2012 peaceful transition of power to a new Prime Minister has proven the stability of Ethiopia‚Äôs multi-party political system and parliamentarian form of government.
  • After the coming into power of Dr Abiy Ethiopia undergo unprecedented radical reform
  1. Political Reform

Democracy and Rule of Law:

  • Pardoning political detainees,
  • Allowing political groups in exile to come home,
  • Lifting the state of emergency imposed,
  • Lifted bans on websites and other media,

Building peace in the region,

  • Successfully made peace with Eritrea,
  1.  Economic Reform
  • Partial privatization of Ethiopia Airlines, Ethio-Telecom, and Shipping and logistics sector,
  1. Structural Reform
  • Ethiopian Parliament appointed its first Female Head of state HE President Sahele-Werk, Federal Supreme Court President and the head of Ethiopia’s electoral board.
  • Ministerial cabinet was reduced to 20 from 28 in an effort to create efficiency and lean government structure & The ministerial cabinet is now composed of 50% female ministers.
  • This is unthinkable in a patriarchal society such as ours. This sets the standard for future but also normalizes women as a decision maker in public life.
  • Ethiopia is most known for its social stability and least crime rate, as well as strong public institutions and reliable police service.

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